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Repairing Bi-fold Doors

Fixing broken and sagging bi-fold doors is a time consuming repair task for property, apartment managers and homeowners. The doors suffer constant wear and abuse in washer/dryer pockets, linen closets and other space saving locations.

Maintenance Engineering Specialties (MES) developed two new products that eliminate the most frequent problems on new and used bi-fold doors. The products install in minutes, saving time, parts and labor.

Bi-fold Door Corner Brace
Designed to strengthen the pivot corner in all three directions, and manufactured with high-impact polyurethane material to absorb the shock the doors take day after day. The replacement brace increases the pivot point strength by a factor of ten times the factory original!

Bi-fold Door Track Pivot Anchor
The new anchor permanently repairs the old adjustable anchor that does not stay in place. When the tracks become expanded and worn, the old anchor allows the door to fall. In just minutes, this product fixes the problem permanently!


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Bi-fold door corner brace: White P/N 1001W
Bi-fold door corner brace: Brown P/N 1001B

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