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US 6,907,641 B1
Reinforcement bracket for a bi-fold closet door
James P Liles, 23240-88th Ave. S., Apt. Y-202, Kent, Wash. 98031 (US)
Filed on Jun. 17, 2003, as Appl. No. 10/462,854.
Int. Cl.7A47H 15/00
U.S. Cl. 1697 7 Claims

1. A bi-fold door bracket for attachment on a support corner of a bi-fold door, the door having a thickness and top and side edges and comprising a pivot door mounted pivotally to a doorjamb vertical member and a lead door hingedly connected to the pivot door, the lead door and pivot door folding together during opening and closing as the pivot door pivots at the doorjamb vertical member, the bracket adapted to link the door corner to an overhead channel on a doorjamb horizontal member through a roller on a peg received into the channel such that the roller moves in the channel as the door folds during opening and closing the improvement comprising
a horizontal edge plate with a depth sized less than the thickness of the thickness of the door top edge and a length greater than its depth,
a vertical brace plate with a top meeting the horizontal edge plate length orthogonally at a bracket corner, the brace plate having a vertical height at least as long as the depth of the horizontal edge plate from the brace plate as a broad surface disposed to distribute impact forces to the door back side when mounted thereon,
a connection apparatus comprising a bracket hole in the horizontal edge plate adapted to receive a peg therein and located to align with a door hole when the bracket is mounted to a door, the peg having a roller on an end outside the connection apparatus sized to engage the overhead track, and,
wherein the bracket hole is larger than the peg, a cylindrical wafer plug having a portion with an outer diameter matching the bracket hole received into the bracket hole and a plug bore matching the peg, the wafer plug effectively reducing the bracket hole to the peg.

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